“A Unique Opportunity to a Successful and Proven business”

Do you love animals and meeting people who share in your love for them?
Are you looking to invest in a fun and interesting business that will generate a great return on your investment?
Would you like to invest in a business that has the potential to grow and expand?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you already have what it takes to be part of the success that Little Monsters Pet Centre offers.

Join Little Monsters as a franchisee and become part of a modern and progressive brand in a growing industry!

Almost 6 out of 10 households in Cyprus have some kind of pet.  Top of the list are of course dogs, whilst fish come in a close second and small animals and cats trail in at 3rd and 4th positions respectively and the new specialised exotic/reptile sector is fast growing all over Europe. As you can see, with many households keeping more than one pet, the numbers stack up very quickly to understand where all the growth is coming from within the pet industry sector.

Did you know that in many western countries pet industry sales have surpassed sales of children’s toys and even candy? This is a very fast growing trend that shows no sign of slowing down. It has proved itself recession proof in the past but following the very deep global economic crisis, we prefer to use the term recession resistant since, although even our industry did see effects of the global economic crisis the effects were minimal and new business development prevailed to keep the industry healthy.

People are humanising their pets more and more and this has resulted in a massive new industry formation to include toys, homes, beds, accessories and of course specialist pet food for our pets. This new mind set has created a booming service industry too with a high demand for grooming,  hotel and training/psychological services.

Little Monsters Pet Centre, is perfectly positioned to service these pet owners needs in a specially designed environment that targets women and children.

Quality pet care and specialist understanding is of paramount importance and the brand was developed with in-depth nutritional and product based training programs as well as breed and species education.

The Franchisee selection process

There are far too many pet shops in Cyprus to be able to entertain enquiries from just anyone who would like to work with animals. Instead our approach is one of a much more professional and specialised franchised stores. We require every franchisee to be hands on in the running of their own Little Monsters store. We provide full training and education within our field to empower our franchisee to success based on the very philosophy that has made Little Monsters successful.

Applicants are asked to fill out a detailed application stating past and present business experience. These applications are reviewed in detail in order to establish suitability. Applicants must have the financial means readily available to set up a franchise unit as we prefer a loan free start.

Is the Little Monsters Concept successful?

From the very first year, Little Monsters proved that it could turn a profit. This is very unusual in any business environment as most businesses usually turn a profit after 3 years of establishment. It is worth mentioning that 80% of new businesses fail within the first 5 years and as a franchisee you have the comfort and security of knowing that the concept works successfully from day one.

Does Little Monsters stand out, is it replicable?
From the very beginning the Little Monsters Concept was developed to be replicable as a franchise offering. All processes and training have been carefully laid out in manuals to provide the same ingredients developed for success. The Little Monsters huge investment in Brand development and enforcement means that they already have a huge following on the island and awareness even in other countries. Just one visit to the store and you will immediately feel the brand presence and differentiation. A host of available material ranging from store graphics, set up, signage, television, radio, print media and other material are readily available for enforcement with proven success.

Do we have a successful brand?
Since its initial formation, the emphasis was to ensure true brand believers in the industry. Through the massive brand development strategy enforced Little Monsters has easily become the pinnacle of successful brand development within the sector.

About Little Monsters
Little Monsters Pet Centre has been developed to cater for the increasing numbers of pet owners who are spending on the wellbeing and care of their pets. Targeting women and children instead of the traditionally male lead sector, we have developed a brand that is friendly and clean whilst enforcing specialist service sectors like Grooming Services and a Boutique Hotel within the premises and product offering. The emphasis is on live animals kept in suitable environments and surpassing European legislation regarding the presentation of animals.  Carefully trained personnel that are experts in advice and product knowledge form a main element of our offering. The pilot store was opened in Limassol in May 2012 and since then the brand has become a major leader within the industry.

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